These are Digital Direct Textile Printers equipped which are with 4 and 8 Konica 1024 / 14 PL latest print heads respectively and have unique printhead protection stack. The process to make transfer printing paper is the process to turn your artwork into finished product in the first step. Transfer fabrics begin with transfer paper, which is a special kind of paper used to transfer the image onto the fabric through dye sublimation process. With our advanced rotogravure printing machine and rich experience of printing and color technology


54 Inches

Tranfer Paper Roll is used to print the image on paper by a printer and a heat press tranfers the image to clothing or canvas. Transfer paper is used in creating iron-ons.

64 Inches

For an output of 720x1440 dpi on papers quality is never an issue with the HGS 64 inch paper rolls that have a unique chemical coating that will allow for a heavier ink loading and providing superior color.

44 Inches

54" Roll Paper for textile Printers - Our wide variety of inkjet 54" roll papers includes several industry leading manufacturers with media for variety of applications from photo to fine art to CAD/GIS papers.