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TEJAS - R 8 colour high speed textile printer. Printing quality with performance & profitability

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TEJAS Series is most highly rated product series in the country and worldwide. It comes with 4, Japanese Micro Piezo print Epson DX 5 heads- with 8 color option which is one of the best printing solutions for textile printing. You can fabricate Cotton, Polyester and blends. With the industrial belt system, we have configured it with the best engineering technology available now. HDMI operation gives you the ONE TOUCH operating to maximize your production. Its automatic washing unit, with 2 sponge rolls and 1 brush rolls, make this machine GEM of the textile printers

Japanese Epson Dx 5 piezo print heads

Highly compettive speed

Variable ink dropping system

HMI Controling 

Bulk ink system

Head height compatible to all type of fabrics 

Auto adjust tention and take up system

Hot air blower with certified heating system

Advance washing and centering unit for suitable printing 


Model HGS-DIR-Tejas R(4PS)
Printing Technology Epson DX5 Micro Piezo, Drop on demand
Print Head No. 4
Resolution 720 dpi, 1080 dpi, 360dpi    
Head Height  Adustable
Ink Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Pigment (With 8 colors)
Printing Width 1690 mm
Fabric Width 1650 mm
Fabric Type Suitable for Silk, Wool, Cotton, Viscose etc.
Software Supported Rip Master
Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt system supports for up to 60mtr sq/hr speed Extra Guide System in convayor Belt for fix its movement on high speed
Centering Unit Centering Unit helps to shift feeding roll according to starting point of printing
Feeding and Take Up Auto fabric feeding and take up. Auto tentioning system for fabric feeding
Controlling System HMI (Touch Screen)
Washing Unit Pneumatic Controlled Washing Unit with 2 Sponge Rolls, 1 Brush Rolls
Blanket Drying Unit N/A
Febric Drying Unit N/A
Electric Requirement 
220 Volt 3 Phase, 18 KVA(max.)