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(Ultra-Violet) UV Printing : A Better Way to Print

(Ultra-Violet) UV Printing : A Better Way to Print


Ultra-Violet Printing is a type of digital printing that makes use of UV light to dry the ink as it gets printed on the surface. As the printer distributes the ink on the surface of a material, the Ultra-Violet lights follow close behind, “drying” or “curing” the ink suddenly.

UV Printing refers to the process of commercial printing that uses Ultra-Violet (UV) curing technology. The UV Printing process includes special inks that have been prepared to dry fast when exposed to UV light.

This technology provides direct printing capacity onto a virtually limitless range of 3 Dimension media, allowing easy and fast product customization.

The benefits of Ultra-Violet printing

1. Print on any materials
2. Quicker than conventional printing
3. Cost-effective
4. Vibrant finish
5. Broader Scope of Print Applications


Why is Ultra-Violet printing so impressive?

UV printing is different that allows you to transfer images onto almost any surface – regardless of how absorbent it might be. UV printing is used on plastic sheets, wood, and a host of other materials. The flexibility of a Ultra-Violet printer translates into many options for promotional media in your branding campaign.

What can you create with UV Printing?

When it comes to creating commercial materials, the right printing methods can help you to accomplish incredible things. Through UV printing, you can show your designs on a range of different materials to create the following stand out products:


How UV printing is better than conventional printing?

It is durable, faster, cost-effective, dynamic (can be used on many substances) and its ability to create the 3D print effect, makes it a way better option than conventional printing. Even more, this is a green technology and doesn’t get assimilated into the environment helping to eliminate the carbon footprints.