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Digital Textile Printing Machine: cost-effective production with high-quality output.

Digital Textile Printing Machine: cost-effective production with high-quality output.


In order to achieve a better quality of products, the textile printing industry is moving towards digital technologies, leading to a demand for digital textile printers.

Digital Textile Printing Machine is the cost-effective production of high-quality output. In today’s world, 15 billion meters of fabric is printed every day. So you can see how big and how much potential you can find in this business.

This Digital Textile printing machine has cost-efficient long runs, hence that’s why people been doing it for so long.

Here are some advantages of digital textile printing Machine:
1. Flexible & Reliable
2. Cost Reduction
3. Design Variety
4. Innovative Solutions
5. Green Process The technology in both printing methods is the same, but the media that is to be fed and the processes to get the fabric ready different in both methods.

Types of digital textile printing machine

There are many different types of digital textile printing machine is manufactured by the companies. Examples of some machines are –Textile Printer, Signage Printer, Eco-Solvent Printer, UV Printer, 3D Printer, Roller Printing Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Rotary Printing Machine, Batik Printing Machine, Flat-Screen Printing Machine, etc.

Price of a digital textile printing machine

It depends on the features and works functionality, In India there is more pricing standard that ranges from 5 - 40 lakhs. Even you can buy below 5 lakhs as well but it has a limited number of printing standards and limited options.


How can you choose a good Digital textile printing machine?

A good digital textile printing machine has a great essential to textile printing. It directly affects the quality of textile products. So it’s very important to choose the best textile printing machine for your textiles. A nice textile printing machine can be chosen in many aspects.
1. The print heads of the printer: It can decide the accuracy, inkjet capacity, print speed of a machine and cost of production etc.
2. The accuracy of nozzles: The accuracy of digital printing nozzles should be considered in the need of printing out clear and natural color patterns.
3. Right type of ink: There are three points that should be noticed. • the choice of color