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Digital fabric printing: A Great Vision of future

Digital fabric printing: A Great Vision of future


In the last 20 years, the textile industry has seen an unbelievable transition from an analog process to a digital process. Color Combination is a very important part of the production and creative process.

Digital fabric printing is a creative process that includes design printing, a pattern or, an image directly from the computer to the media by way of a large format digital printing machine. In simple, we can say that digital printing is an inkjet printer for fabric. The printer feeds a roll of fabric through a very large-format inkjet printer and the design is printed directly onto the fabric.

There are two successful digital fabric printing methods:
1. Sublimation Digital Printing
2. Direct Digital Printing
The technology in both printing methods is the same, but the media that is to be fed and the processes to get the fabric ready different in both methods.

Other Fabric Printing Methods

There are many kinds of printing methods used for digital fabric printing. Mainly there are three other than digital printing:
1. Screen Printing: There are two types of screen printing processes:
• rotary screen printing
• flat screen printing.
2. Roller Printing: It is also known as cylinder printing or machine printing.
3. Block Printing: It is also known as Hand Block Printing or Wood Block Printing.

Benefits of digital fabric printing

• The print is on-demand basis.
• the cost is low for a startup.
• The quality of digital printing is very sharp in nature and the accuracy is also very high.
• The color management that can be used in this modern method is unlimited.
• Savings on electricity
• Reduced water consumption
• Less need for resource to enable faster production cycles
• Wide range of Color variety, unlimited colors
• Print short runs without any preparation
• Needless time to design print pattern
• Low inventory level